The company has achieved ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification; ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification;
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Indole and its derivatives
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Imidazole and its derivatives
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Custom Synthesis

Customers with the technologies to meet the special needs of pharmaceutical intermediates, according to the user's product specifications and delivery, in the factory can be quickly converted into production by the research and development, making cost control to be resolved at an early stage, and always by experts The quality assurance process.
With the technical expertise and proprietary technology, and long-term accumulation of wealth of research and development and production experience, from initial customer inquiry began, can be quickly assessed. From the point of view of technology and industrialization in a short time pricing and delivery time will be feedback to the customer. Since 2003, research and development and production and service process, fully implement the ISO9001 quality assurance system standards.

Commissioned the development

In indole, quinoline, imidazole heterocyclic intermediates, the company's experts continue to create new compounds. Through this service, the production needs of a wide variety of pharmaceutical chemists derivative Objects, allowing you one step ahead of the competition. Look forward to your next drug discovery program, complete the multi-step synthesis, in order to achieve the desired new, complex molecules.
In addition, for those who invented spent considerable effort on the customers, providing process development and production. The use of experience and profound knowledge and specialized equipment to help you complete from the expanded test pilot to the final development of the actual production.

HPLC detection equipment Expansion Pilot Synthesis Workshop
Glass unit reactor Efficient separation devices Ultra-pure water equipment
Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer
One hundred thousandth of the balance
Refining workshop
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